Daniel Wenger’s furniture designs are functional art in leather and steel.

His Lotus Chair, from 1969, is his most well-known piece. The name Lotus comes from the ease of sitting in the chair in the
yoga lotus position.

Coronavirus Message

We are opening our shop after the long shutdown.

There is a small inventory of finished pieces from pre virus days. Check with us for details.

New items expected this year.

See the new Original In Berlin

  • Two Views of the Lotus
  • Three Differnt Sizes
  • The Love Seat
  • Stool
  • Lotus with table
  • Dining/Corner Chair

After a 30 year absence from furniture design and fabrication, Daniel returned to this work in 2009, now with his son Samuel, in Santa Cruz, California. A film of Daniel and Sam working together shows them in their workshop studio.

Recent styles and activities may be seen on

The designs that are offered for purchase may be viewed
here . A few are also on display at Lawson-Fenning in Los Angeles, Spence & Lyda in Sydney, Australia and Original-In-Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

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