Other Design Projects

Daniel left the academic world in 1969 and immersed himself in the world of design. These projects were developed during the hiatus from furniture design.

The Wenger Cube

The truncated hexahedron or cube was developed in 1970 and refined in 2010.
The cube structure has been adapted for many purposes including play houses, hot tub covers, kiln covers and dwelings.
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The Wenger UniGlobe

When the comet Kahoutec was discovered in 1973 there was a need to know where in the sky to find it. The UniGlobe was designed to provide that information. While using the device the idea for a sundial emerged. See more.

The Wenger Sundial

From the design of the UniGlobe came the design of the Wenger Sundial, a unique and informative device. See more.

Wenger Genealogy

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Daniei's interest in family history and the challenges of handling large amounts of information led to his development of genealogy software and a large database of Wengers. See more.