The Wenger Cube

The Wenger Cube, designed in 1970, is a truncated hexahedron, a cube with one corner removed.

Originally the cube was built out of 4"x4" wood beams and wood brackets. The wood brackets were later replaced with metal brackets.

Sunset Magazine published an article about the cube in 1979.

By 1983 a designer in Russia had seen the Sunset Magazine article and copied the design to make outdoor picnic areas at the
VDNKh in Moscow.

Daniel returned to the design of the cube in 2010 and used 2"x2" square steel tubing to replace the wood beams.

The 10' cube (10' on each side of the cube, 11' at the peak) can hold three hammocks in a triangle.

The cube has over the years been used in the design of many different types of structures.

To create a model of the cube using paper, print out the image below and follow the directions.

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