Wenger Genealogy

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The spring house built in 1748 on the Hans Wenger (G1) homestead, Jonestown, Lebanon Co., PA
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The Wenger Meeting House, built in 1871 on the cemetery of the Wenger homestead.
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The Hans Wenger (G1) homestead in Jonestown, Lebanon Co., PA.

Daniel showed interested in his larger family from the age of fourteen. His ancestors on his father's side were Mennonites from Switzerland who came to Pennsylvania in 1748.

In 1981, with his first personal computer, he began to develop genealogy software to handle all of the information of the family that he had collected.

His work led to the publication of a 4,000 page, four-volume book,
Hans and Hanna Wenger, North American Descendants, published in 2000. 60 copies were printed and are now in libraries around the country.

The four-volume book, self-edited and self-printed, may be viewed below in PDF format and downloaded as desired.





Daniel's genealogy database may be viewed on the
SAGA/OMII website.

Supporting information may be found

The Wenger Annual Reunion Announcement

Questions about the reunion may be addressed to
Wenger Family Association
Jay Wenger
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