The Dona Meilach Book Page

The examples on the following pages are by Dan Wenger of California. He utilizes simple, sturdy frames of steel painted flat black, burnished to a high luster and coated with polyurethane. The slings may be cowhide, red latigo, or suede laminated to both sides of 12-ounce red latigo, and more than one sling scan be made so they are changeable. The steel gives a springiness to the design and the leather sling permits a gentle rhythmic motion and a shape that conforms to the user's body.

Right: DINING CHAIR. Dan Wenger.

Below: STOOL. Dan Wenger. 25 inches high. Latigo on steel frame.

Opposite, top: THE LOTUS CHAIR. Dan Wenger. 46 inches high. Suede laminated to both sides of red latigo.

Opposite, bottom: THE SOQUEL RECLINER so named for Soquel, Calif., home of the artist. Dan Wenger. 41 inches hight, 53 inches long.
Photos, courtesy, artist

Dining Chair and Stool